Staying Safe in the Sun

Staying Safe in the Sun
July 25, 2019 Susan Pyke
In Worksafe

With this lovely weather comes the increased possibility that we may get too much UV radiation that can lead to skin cancers. Over exposure can cause sunburn or sun stroke and can speed up skin aging.

So what can you do if you work outside to reduce your risk:

Cover up: wear a hat that protects your head, ears and neck.

Keep your shirt on: wear loose t-shirts or long sleeve shirts, preferably cotton to help the skin breathe.

Wear sunglasses: to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Some people can develop photosensitivity to UV, especially if they work with substances such as; pitch, dyes, chlorinated substances, wood preserves etc.

Even if you work in the shade, ensure you cover exposed skin with sunscreen (minimum SPF 15 and 4 star rating, depending on skin type) and apply several times a day. Use after sun at the end of the day. Even on cloudy days the UV radiation rays can affect you.

Take time out of the sun at break times or job rotate between tasks.

If you start to experience skin sensitivity or see a change in moles contact you G.P. for advice.

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